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Our Vision and Mission

At Daily Be Better, we envision a world where Freedom is within everyone's reach. Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, right attitude and a strong mindset to create generational wealth and enjoy time freedom. We believe in the transformative power of digital age trough affiliate marketing, master reseller rights, social media enhanced by the power of Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP). Our vision is to create a global community where financial freedom, time freedom, and the flexibility to work from anywhere are not just dreams, but achievable goals.

About me

Live every day of your life as the best version of yourself !

Every minute we get the chance to make another choice that serves us best!

Hi! My name is Cristina 😊

My life has been a journey full of surprises and I've learned a lot from them.😊.

I was born in Romania, and I've lived in different places, learning and growing along the way. I wear different hats: a mother who loves her children, a wife who supports her husband, a friend who listens, and an entrepreneur with big dreams.

In 2013, I left my job in the corporate world and moved to UAE to follow or dreams. I found joy in homeschooling my children and learning about my lifetime passion of how the mind-body-spirit works together so I would be equipped to help more people have a better life.

Life if full of challenges!!..and that’s ok They make us stronger and more resilient.

When we moved to Canada in 2020, I faced a new challenge: my certifications were unrecognized, and re-education was financially out of reach.

Then, another curveball: my husband was laid off. The primary breadwinner of our family, his job loss sent shockwaves through our lives. It was a moment of truth, a time to reassess and reevaluate. Understood that is time to get out more of the comfort zone and make sure we are not placing all of our” eggs” in only one basket.

Seeing stories about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, master reseller rights all over the social media with people being successful I chose to embark on a new journey into this completely new world for me. As a beginner, I faced uncertainties and fears, but I was driven by a desire to create additional streams of income and contribute to our family's stability and freedom.

Are you seeking a way to break free from life's constraints? Looking for a new path or an extra source of income? I invite you to join me on this transparent and honest journey into the digital realm.

I understand the struggles, the fears, and the thrill of starting something new. Together, we can explore this ever-expanding digital landscape, learning and growing every step of the way.

Let's start this adventure towards FREEDOM( money, time, location)! Is not necessary to know everything; we can learn as we go. Join me, and let's make our dreams come true, even when life gives us challenging surprises.



Ontario, Canada